1981 900 CD #004070

Just two weeks after Magnus Maur acquired the 900 CD #004150 (the second oldest CD in this register) almost 2.000 kilometers from home, the #004070 suddenly came up for sale just around the block. The decision was made to buy this (actually better) CD and sell the first. And, surprise… this CD was even older and is now the oldest one known in the register!

The beautiful 1981 CD #004070

This wonderful 1981 900 CD has been owned by Astra in Södertälje Sweden the first two years. Then it was a private owner from 1983 to 2015. In the winter of 2015/2016 Magnus renovated the car, as it was very rusty in some parts. Also the engine was in need of inspecton.

The wonderful blue velours interior

Nowadays, this CD is one good looking executive limo. To me, this may well be my most wanted 900 CD in the register. But then again, my name abbreviates to ESB, so I am a little prejudiced…