1986 900 CD #022579

This rose quartz 900 CD is one of the five last built 900 CD’s, with manufacturing date April 8th, 1986. It is still in Finland. The car’s first user was the CEO of the Finnish company “Valmet”, who built the Saabs 900 CD and is nowadays known as “Agco power”. After the CEO’s use, it was sold to a factory line worker, who sold the car to its current owner in 2001. The CD is in the process of a big restoration and can also be found at the owner’s old website: http://www.angelfire.com/80s/saabs/cd_en.html.

The original Finnish register number of this vehicle was HVM***, but the car was removed from the register around year 2000. In 2021, the Saab was inspected and registered again. And it now has the original license plate number again.