1986 900 CD #011065 – Police car

This stunning 900 CD Turbo 16 valve has been owned by the Swedish Police in Stockholm since new. The Saab is now in the Swedish Police Museum.

This is special CD that was made to carry just two passengers and had a higher
maximum weight of 2170 kg compared to a regular CD with only 1740 kg. And in the swedish car register this car is still marked as a police car with a special note of that:

Translation: this the vehicle is the property of the police force of Stockholm. The company has owned the vehicle for 14 years and 0 months.

There is a total of 6.071 vehicles registered at the same owner, show all vehicles.

Last inspection of this CD was in November 2007 at 315.287 km. I guess this CD did it’s job and now enjoys retirement.