1977 99 Finlandia #012697

This is possibly the most famous of all stretched Saabs 99: the 99 especially built for Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf’s visit to the USA in 1976. This 99 was made of a two door and a four door version, put together by Heinels Malmö. Therefor it is actually more of a predecessor of the later 99 Finlandia.

Trollhättan, Sweden — Although the regular Saab 99 Sedan and WagonBack models already can boost of very large interior dimensions, this “king-size” Saab 99 has them beat by all of 30 inches.

Specially built for the visit to the United States by Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf, this Saab 99 has been extended a total of 30 inches in length, to be an almost full-sized limousine with jump seats and similar equipment.

The vehicle, which is painted in a Swedish royal blue color, will be used during the King’s April 2 to 28 tour throughout the country.

(Press release Saab-Scania of America, Inc. – 1976)

This 99 has a 118 BHP injection engine, automatic gearbox, power steering and lots more. It measures 70 cm longer than a regular 99.

The color obviously is Royal Blue – painted to order.

It is now being restored in Sweden.